“The specified name is already in use” Error in SharePoint

March 12, 2008

Scenario: I created a new website and the root site collection with “Team site” template. I created a WebPart Page Document Library named “Pages”. Then activated the site collection feature “Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure”. Then activated the site feature “Office SharePoint Server Publishing”. Activation of this feature failed with the error “The specified name is already in use”. The ULS logs said that the ‘Pages’ list existed. Fair enough.

I deleted the ‘Pages’ document library and then tried activating the feature. Same problem.

I deleted the recycle bin and also cleared the site administrator level second stage recycle bin. Still same problem.

I tried creating the ‘Pages’ document library and was able to do it. Wierd. Deleted it again from both recycle bins.

After some research, tried looking up all the content through “SharePoint Designer” and woala….the Pages folder is still visible there. Deleted it and poof …. the publishing feature got activated successfully.

Interestingly weird…. will dig out more on this later but for now, I cleared level 1 😉


4 Responses to ““The specified name is already in use” Error in SharePoint”

  1. Bravo, brilliant idea and is timely

  2. Vijay Bikka Says:

    Thanks. I was also facing the same issue and tis link helped me

  3. Roberto Says:

    Thank you sir. You saved me from hours of frustration.

  4. Elva Says:

    Right now it appears like Movable Type is the preferred blogging platform out there
    right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on
    your blog?

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